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Marra Forni

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To Our Future Sales Reps:
We are very proud to present our Marra Forni restaurant equipment line. At the forefront is our Neapolitan wood-fired brick oven, which represents the perfect marriage of classic Italian design and modern technology. It is perfect for more than just pizza making; most of our clients base entire menus around this versatile oven. A hand-crafted refractory brick deck all but guarantees against cracking, due to its ability to expand and contract with the frequent temperature fluctuations of the oven. Each hand-laid brick contributes to excellent heat retention and the 900F temperatures that guarantee expertly cooked pizzas in just 90 seconds. The outside of our ovens are fully customizable; clients are encouraged to mix and match tile and texture to complement the interior design of their venue.
In addition to our line of wood and gas-fired ovens, we also offer premium prep tables, forked and spiral dough mixers, one-of-a-kind Stagionello curing cases, and nearly any accessory imaginable to make your restaurant or pizzeria a success. Not all kitchen work stations are created equally. We kept this in mind as we assembled the highest quality line of restaurant equipment available on the market. Call us at 888-239-0575 or email to learn how you and your clients can become Neapolitan in 90 Seconds.
Marra Forni (Brand)
Marra Forni (Brand) Beltsville, MD
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