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For over 50 years, Kitchen Brains has globally helped commercial kitchens and the foodservice industry deliver hot, fresh, available food. Known for innovative cooking timers and leading edge process controllers; Kitchen Brains technology wirelessly integrates all components of food preparation powered by SaaS apps solely built for the Smart Commercial Kitchen. From refrigeration, cooking, rethermalization, baking, and holding, Kitchen Brains products allow for seamless management and accessibility remotely. Labor, training, and operational costs are lowered, while the highest standards for food safety and product quality are met. Management has seamless accessibility to Key Performance Indicators, with cloud-based dashboards and control from anywhere.
Kitchen Brains reduces operating costs and increases sales for retail and OEM providers such as: Manitowoc Foodservice Group, Middleby Corporation, Burger King, Yum!, Popeyes, McDonald's and other leading food service establishments around the world. Included under the Kitchen Brains umbrella are the (FAST.) , SCK, and Modularm brands.
FAST (Brand)
FAST (Brand) Stratford, CT
Kitchen Brains (Brand)
Kitchen Brains (Brand) Stratford, CT
Modularm (Brand)
Modularm (Brand) Stratford, CT
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