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TMC Digital Media is here to change the way marketing provides support to sales in the foodservice equipment and supply industries. It’s as simple as that. The job of marketing is to find and nurture leads until those leads are ready to buy. At TMC, we look at that process from a 21st century perspective. But what exactly does that mean?

Today, people go to the web to find answers to their problems, to read reviews of products, and to get advice on what, when, and where to make a purchase. They’re consuming digital information that affects their buying patterns, and someone is producing that information. Shouldn’t it be you who influences your buyers?

By attracting new visitors to your website with valuable information, converting that traffic into new leads with innovative software, nurturing and closing those leads into new customers, and then delighting the heck out of the customers you have, only then will your web presence be used to its fullest potential. Would you ever open up a restaurant and then keep the doors locked during business hours? This is essentially what happens when a company doesn’t maximize its presence on the Internet.
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