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Mfg $350 - SpecPath Monthly Subscription Fee Mfg Company (1 Brand)

Mfg $350 - SpecPath Monthly Subscription Fee Mfg Company (1 Brand)

SpecPath® for Manufacturer Members


Please complete the form below to sign-up for SpecPath.

SpecPath is $350 per brand, per month. You may have unlimited users. If you would like to sign up additional brands, the fee is $175 per month, again with unlimited users. 

Your card will be charged $1.00 at this time and you have 30 days to try the program.  You will need to use the Promo Code: SPMFG at checkout to get your first month for $1.00.

After this 30 day period, your first month's subscription of $350 will be charged. The subscription will automatically renew every month, and your card will be charged. You may cancel at any time.

Results You Can Count On or Your Money Back: Over 1,000 reps, manufacturers and consultants use SpecPath every day -- and they consistently give us rave reviews, telling us how this program has transformed the way they track specs and manage projects. However, if you are not satisfied with SpecPath, simply let us know and we will will cancel your subscription at any time. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

f you have any questions, please email

Thank you!

Member Price: $350/mo