Xavier Lavigne Owner
Christiaan van den Hoven Owner
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Brands - Equipment A-K
BevLes, Blakeslee, BOF Shelving, Cadexair Exhaust, Chef's Choice, CrownTonka Walk-Ins, Dynamic, Excalibur, General Slicing
Brands - Equipment L-Z
Legion, Lockwood, Manitowoc Ice, Migali, Omega Juicers, Tarrison, Univex, West Bend
Brands - Supplies/Smallwares
Vinturi, Zeroll
Brands - Furniture
Tarrison Contract Furniture
Product Categories - Overall
Equipment, Supplies/Smallwares, Tabletop, Furniture, Janitorial/Sanitation/Disposables
Product Categories - Equipment
Bakery, Bar, Beverage, Blenders/Juicers, Cooking - Countertop, Cooking - Heavy, Food Preparation, Fryers, Healthcare, Holding/Transport, Ice Machines, Microwaves, Refrigeration - Reach-In, Refrigeration - Walk-In, Shelving, Storage/Handling, Ventilation, Warewashing
Product Categories - Supplies/Smallwares
No Supplies/Smallwares
Product Categories - Tabletop
No Tabletop
Product Categories - Furniture
Bars, Heaters, Seating, Tables
Product Categories - Technology
No Technology
Product Categories - Jan/San/Disposables
No Jan/San/Disposables
Test Kitchen - Onsite
Test Kitchen - Mobile
Total Personnel for Rep Firm
Region Code
26a - British Columbia, 26b - Alberta, 26c - Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Lakehead, 26d - Ontario/Ottawa, 26e - Quebec/Ottawa, 26f - Atlantic
Canada, Canada (Alberta), Canada (British Columbia), Canada (British Columbia The Yukon), Canada (Lakehead-Ontario-Manitoba-Saskatchewan), Canada (NB-NL-NS-PE), Canada (Northern and Eastern Ontario), Canada (Ontario and Maritime), Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Canada (Ontario), Canada (Quebec-Ottawa-Ontario)
Year Joined MAFSI
Year Company Founded
Looking for New Partners - Equipment Categories
Bakery, Bar, Beverage, Blenders/Juicers, Combi-Ovens, Cooking - Countertop, Cooking - Heavy, Custom Fabrication, Food Preparation, Fryers, Hardware/Fixtures, Healthcare, Holding/Transport, Janitorial & Safety, Microwaves, Refrigeration - Reach-In, Refrigeration - Walk-In, Sanitation, Serving, Shelving, Steam, Storage/Handling, Warewashing
Looking for New Partners - Supplies Categories
Bakeware, Barware, Buffetware/Displayware, Cleaning Tools/Supplies, Cookware/Pans, Cutlery, Kitchen Utensils, Storage Containers, Temperature Measurement/Food Safety
Looking for New Partners - Tabletop Categories
Servingware, Tabletop Accessories, Trays/Patient Tray Tops
Looking for New Partners - Furniture Categories
No Categories Open for New Furniture Partners
Looking for New Partners - Jan/San/Disp Categories
No Categories Open for New Jan/San/Disp Partners
Looking for New Partners - Technology Categories
No Categories Open for New Technology Partners
Looking for New Partners - Contact Name
Xavier Lavigne
Looking for New Partners - Contact Email