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Power Knot LLC

Power Knot LLC

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The LFC biodigester is a machine that digests waste food. LFC biodigesters are made of stainless steel and are usually installed in the kitchen or wherever waste food is generated. The LFC biodigesters reduce the expense, inconvenience, and mess of disposing of waste food. We have models that process from 20 lb to 4000 lb per day of waste food. LFC biodigesters are simple to install and use and can accept waste food at any time. They are free of odors and have low operating costs. The output is grey water that is safely discharged into the sewer system. Each LFC biodigester reports the amount of waste ingested on its touch screen and sends that data to the cloud. The information about usage and statistics can be accessed anywhere on any device. By diverting waste food from landfills, our customers are significantly reducing their carbon footprint. With the LFC Cloud you can easily create reports for any stakeholder. As a profitable company with installations globally, Power Knot is the market leader in kitchen food digesters. Our LFC biodigesters are the most technologically advanced machines available and we offer a 3-year warranty. The LFC biodigesters offer a payback period typically of less than two years. We design, develop, and manufacture all LFC biodigesters at our headquarters in the capital of Silicon Valley, California.
PowerKnot Waste (Brand)
PowerKnot Waste (Brand) Fremont, CA
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