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Nuova Vita Corporation

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Ten years ago, Portion PadL inventor, Greg Getzinger owned his own pizza business. During the first year of owning his business, he had an issue with his first weekly school lunch account. He and his employees weren't cutting the pizzas into equal slices. The students were pushing away the smaller slices and only buying the larger slices. He was given an ultimatum by the school's head nutritionist. Fix the problem or lose the account. A weekly fifty-five pizza order, Greg was determined to solve the issue. Greg purchased a couple of the portioning tools available for commercial use. He felt they were not effecient enough for his busy kitchen. They were not easy enough for his employees to use. Especially for his inexperienced employees. One morning, Greg came up with an idea for a simple to use cutting board that fit all the expectations he desired in a portioning device. His invention saved the school lunch account. He then, sold his pizzas to all the public and private schools in his community promoting the Portion PadL's benefits. Greg knew he solved an issue that is much greater of a problem than just something that affected his pizza business. He began perfecting his cutting board to make it into the Portion PadL. Some of Greg's first customers were Domino's, Speedway and Schwan Foods frozen pizza division for schools, Big Daddy's Frozen pizza. Sometimes, it take a person who works in the business to develop the solution for an industry problem.Target markets include franchises, convenience stores, grocery stores, school systems, stadium concessions and amusement parks. The Portion PadL has grown to a good size business. Greg is looking to make the Portion PadL a great business by partnering with manufacturer representatives.
Portion PadL (Brand)
Portion PadL (Brand) Hudson, OH
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