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Bluewater USA Inc.

Bluewater USA Inc.

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Bluewater Pro400 Water Purification Systems is a powerhouse solution combining compact size and high capacity together to provide professional environments unmatched clean water delivery of fresh drinking, washing and cooking water 24/7. Connect Bluewater Pro to ice makers to get for pure ice cubes and to the dishwasher to guarantee sparkling glassware and dishes no matter how hard the inlet water is, The Bluewater Pro also connects coffee makers, steam ovens, proofer boxes, fresh produce mist systems, etc. Currently, we are working with Whole Foods Market, Safeway, 7/11, Dunkin Donuts, we are joining MAFSI to get this premium “Made in Sweden” product promoted across the commercial facilities industry. A veritable powerhouse point-of-use water purifier, the Bluewater Pro delivers an amazing 1825 gallon of water per day. Removing most all known waterborne contaminants, Pro harnesses patented second-generation SuperiorOsmosis reverse osmosis technology to generate pristine water from municipal water. Bluewater Pro allows professional environments to generate their own premium quality purified drinking water on site that can be served still or sparkling in eco-friendly glass bottles branded with their own name. Bluewater Pro also enables catering businesses to improve their bottom line by avoiding costly purchasing, transporting, and storing plastic and other outsourced bottled waters
Bluewater USA (Brand)
Bluewater USA (Brand) Overland Park, KS
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