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Bean International Group, LLC.

Bean International Group, LLC.

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Bean Coffee Roasters offers a proprietary micro-roaster and direct farm-sourced supply of green coffee beans. The Bean brand concept is built on roasting right at the point of consumption. With this defining attribute, Bean Coffee Roasters is turning the wholesale coffee industry upside down. Instead of providing customers with a pre-roasted supply of coffee beans (the current standard model), Bean Coffee Roasters instead provides our proprietary micro-roaster and our direct farm-sourced green coffee beans. Through years of research and development, we have pioneered an incredibly simple, turn-key roaster. With just the push of a button, coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, etc. will transform the perception of their businesses by roasting in-house and create a superior customer experience.
By providing our simple to use roaster (at no charge) along with our on-going supply of green coffee beans we have created a game-changer in the wholesale coffee market. For our representatives, this equates to low push-back from customers and recurring monthly commissions. We are seeking progressive representative organizations calling on the over 700,000 locations nationwide that serve coffee.
Bean Coffee Roasters (Brand)
Bean Coffee Roasters (Brand) Los Angeles, CA
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