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API Tech North America, Inc

API Tech North America, Inc

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As featured in The Spoon and VendingMarketWatch, Smart Pizza is a standalone pizza machine, can be installed in- and outdoors, pandemic proof, holds 96 par-baked pizzas, and dispenses 2 restaurant-quality pizzas in 3 minutes or a cold pizza in less than 30 seconds. Use the link below to see a video:

Most of our operators (restaurants, colleges, military bases, convenience stores, hotels, etc.) make $12,000 - $21,000 per machine every month. This is similar to a payback period ranging from 6 - 11 months.

The cover of Smart Pizza is 100% customizable making it ideal for franchising, selling pizzas in hard to reach areas, and growing your customer base.

Smart Pizza is the ONLY Pizza Vending Machine that comes with 2 ovens and unlike competitors, it has the ability to bake at a higher temperature without burning the pie, which guarantees premium quality and great tasting pizza!

There are thousands of these machines already installed in Europe and since recently Smart Pizza has become available in the US.

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Smart Pizza (Brand) New York, New York
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